Episode 39 – Hot Dog Rollers and Smart Cars and Trivia and stuff


This week we are joined by Duck, and we talk about Zad gettin lewd at QuikTrip, self diving cars and what they mean for fast food drive thrus, and also get into some trivia.  And we all get reeeeeal dumb about it.

Episode 38 – Big Game Huntin’


I know this episode is about a week late but until you start clicking that Patreon link I don’t owe you a DAMN THING!

But seriously sorry for the delay.  This episode we are joined by friend of the show Skizzy (who sounds like he called in from a tin can) to talk about Cav’s new license to kill, classic 80s movies, Billy Dee Williams, and more!


EDIT:  Since I’m an idiot and forgot to add, here’s a link to the pregnant Sonic vid in question: